29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. I am 29 week pregnant and my baby weight is 1.4 kg.. is it good?

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Answer: Hello Your baby weight is a bit low here are few tips Drink tang or glucon d it works like magic to make baby gain weight Eat lots of ghee diary and butter packed meals. U should eat 5 to 6 meals in a day. Keep small snacks like cheese nuts raisins dry fruits biscuits sweets of ur choice ice creams yogurt etc. Spread peanut butter on bread or apples if ur able to eat it as it's very helpful in gaining weight and filled with nutrients. U can eat eggs meat. Keep your self well hydrated eat on time try to eat fruits and vegetables lentils etc add lots of fats and oils help in gaining weight and filled with nutrients.
Answer: 29 weeks length should be 38.6cm and weight should be 1.2kg, so for your baby it's good
Answer: Yes it's good
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Question: I got scan today .. they said the baby weight is 2.4 kg. Is it good ...
Answer: Hey yes your baby weight is fine as of now..my baby's was around 2.5 kgs already..you dnt have to worry..continue to have healthy balanced diet..
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Question: I am pregnant now 9th week going on.. my weight before pregnancy 93 and I have lost 3 kg now ..now am 90 my age is 29 is that we will get any problem in normal delivery??
Answer: Hlo yes dear u have to take balance diet consult ur gyno she is suggest u coz my weight is 75 n my dr.told me not to gain 8 kg in whole pregnancy coz I m already over weight she suggest me 30min walk n 2 chapati or besan chilla type things in breakfast nd after 12 buttermilk or fruit n lunch 2 chapati again this type bt m having little more coz I can't control my hunger so u can also consult ur gyno she will hlp u bettr dear..take care
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Question: I am 34 weeks pregnant and fetus weight is 1.983 kg. Is baby weight lower? What to do to increase
Answer: dear approx weight of baby in 34 week of pregnancy should be 2100 grams to your baby weight is little low you should make sure that to take proper protein rich food take protein powder with 500 ml of milk in a day as well as increase would egg pulses dry fruits green vegetables etc
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