18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... i am 18 week pregnant and am not having any type of food cravings at all. U eat watever is cooked at home all regular meals. Is this normal. Am little tensed. My family members keep asking what you want to eat and i always say nothing

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Answer: yes..its normal,,feel yourself lucky..,coz m too one of it...no cravings,no mood swing..normal as i was
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Question: I am 17week pregnant but still bleeding black little all the time, and my baby is completely fine. Doctor put me on bedrest. Can i travel for long journey or should i keep stay at home?
Answer: Hello No dear yu should be on strict bedrest. When your doctor suggested bedrest then it should be strictly followed. Stay home n rest yurself
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Question: Hello...I am 23weeks pregnant...some elderly people of our family suggested me to wear something tight like a petty coat tightly below my chest area all the time,even when i am at my home.They say that otherwise the baby will start moving upwards and will cause problems in delivery....is that true?!i found the suggestion and the logic a little weird!
Answer: It is weird dear. I never heard anything like that.. see every tradition is different and elder people do have experience. But it's not important to follow each and every ritual. The reason behind it can be that tieing tight all the time will not let baby come on the upper side of tummy and baby will grow in the lower part only which will make normal delivery possible. So do what you feels is right and in which you are comfortable.
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Question: Dr. When i sleep at night i keep in mind to speep on my left side, but after falling asleep i strech alot and when ever my eyes open i find myself in a very different or u can say wrong position...i am tensed if that harms the growth of my baby ..plz suggest something
Answer: You r just in first trimester so dont worry about sleeping position now. If is fine to sleep in any postion expect on your tummy . But to be prepared for second trimester and after try to keep a pillow at your back when you sleep on sides so that you dont turn yourself in sleep
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