33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 33 week of pregnancy and I have stitch at waterbag so when should be open st ich?? ?

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Answer: Heloo I am also having stitches. I consulted my doctor for same, they said stitches will be removed before 8 days of your delivery date.
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Question: Hi can i drink coffee at 33 week of pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. Congratulations on your pregnancy.. Hope you are doing well. One cup of coffee would be fine, don't have more than 200mg of caffeine in a day. Higher amount of coffee can lead to miscarriage and low birth weight. Take care.
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Question: What should be fetal heartbeat at 33 weeks of pregnancy
Answer: Hi congrats, At week 33 your baby heart beat will be around 130 to 140 beats per minute...u can also consult your doc and get it checked or confirmed.. Take care ☺👍
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Question: Hi I have twin pregnancy now it's my 32 week. when should remove cervical stitch?
Answer: The doctor will remove the stich is removed after 36 weeks..take complete bed rest till then
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