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Question: Hi i am 27 week pergnant. In this time what is the normal weight of baby

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Answer: Hi, at 27 weeks ideally length would be 36.6cm and weight 875g
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Question: Hi...i am 31 week pregnant...in this time what is the normal weight of baby
Answer: Hi, at 31 weeks ideal length is 41.1cm and weight 1.5kg. Hope baby is growing fine :)
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Question: I am 23rd week pregnant ,what should be the normal weight of baby at this time? And mine also ?
Answer: Hello dear The fundal height, the distance from the top of the pubic bone to the top of te uterus, is 22–28 cm. The lower abdominal region protrudes more with each passing day. As the fetus grows, the uterus becomes much bigger than an adult’s head. You will continue to gain weight as the baby grows, so do watch your weight carefully and refrain from overeating. If your morning sickness takes a turn for the better sometime during the second trimester, you might be guilty of overeating as you started enjoying your meals again and started feeling mentally better. Try to fight the temptation to eat fried foods and add in a bit of exercise to your everyday regime In Week 23 of pregnancy, you should ideally put on 1 pound every week and have put on 12–14 lbs (5.4–6.4 kg) since the start of pregnancy – note that this is just a standard. Your ideal weight gain might vary depending on your built and lifestyle. If your weight gain is nowhere near the ideal, you ought to ask your OB-GYN for advice and watch your diet more carefully.
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Question: Hi am 37 week pregnant..how much baby weight is normal in this time
Answer: Hi dear, Your baby need to be atleast 2.5 kgs now.
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