8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am suffering with white discharge with bad odour. Is it dangerous?

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Answer: Hi Some discharge may have a slightly fishy odor which is concerning for women. If the discharge is fishy or foul smelling, it's best to get an examination. Washing the vaginal outside area, the labia, can help curb the scent associated with vaginal discharge. At no point should a pregnant woman use a douche to cleanse the vagina. Further, wipes and vaginal washes often contain perfumes, which can irritate sensitive pregnancy skin. These treatments can also change the pH of the vagina and vaginal area, which can lead to irritation and breakouts. Therefore, wipes and and vaginal washes should not be used.
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Question: I am having white discharge with bad odour. What to do for that?
Answer: Hi Dear! White discharge is common during pregnancy but bad odour is not and sign of infection, pls see your gynae hv a lot of water, curd as its probiotic to flush out the infection, your Dr. might prescribe meds to treat the same.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am having white discharge without bad odour..bit discomfort is their..wat I should do
Answer: Congrats dear for ur pregnancy White is common during pregnancy Nothing to worry Don't stress Drink plenty of water in a day
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Question: Hi i am 12 weeks pregnant today i spot some white discharge is it dangerous
Answer: No..not At all... During pregnancy estrogen level are high which cause fluid discharge. It's totally normal.
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