28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi frnds I am seventh month pregnant from night onwards I am not feeling baby movements is it normal......

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Answer: drink as much water as you can...and wear loose clothes.
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Question: Am not feeling baby movements from night
Answer: Hello, Dear baby's also have active and lazy days just like us. So sometimes we feel movement like baby is playing football and sometimes it's like we have to feel properly to feel baby's movement. So don't worry its completely normal. Baby's movement are important, it's can be high or low.. Its completely normal and fine.. Sometimes baby is moving but baby's movement are so low that we have to feel baby's movement by touching the mummy tummy. So do just one thing that lie down on your left side and then wait for one hour that way you you will feel baby's movement. But if in one hour you didn't feel any movement then it's important to get it checked by doctor.
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Question: I am not feeling baby movements from last night.
Answer: Dear baby movement must be slow but if you are not feeling then lie down on your left side and wait for 1 hour . Just hold your tummy and feel. Hopefully you will get baby movement in that one hour but if you dont feel any movement in that 1 hour then visit your doctor immediately..
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Question: Hi.. I Am 8th month pregnant.. Frm yesterday onwards Am nt feeling that much baby Movements..is it normal. Plz tel me..
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,it is normal.as you grow bigger,that is your baby grows bigger,there is very less space left for your baby to move around in your womb.because of this space crunch, movements gets lesser.
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