37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am 37week pregnant today morning i have a back pain is this labour pain. I am very scared pls suggest me

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Answer: Hello! Back pain is common during pregnancy. It does not mean that it is labor. Labor pain is usually period like cramps which comes and goes with each interval. It keeps on increasing with each passing time. Hence, don't worry back pain always does not mean that you are having labor. Give a warm compress with a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel, it will make you feel better. Take care
Answer: No dear, only back pain is not a sign of labour pain. Actual labour pain start from back and spread abdomen, legs and whole body paining at a same time, pain will be increase every minute. It comes and go again and again but don't stop.  if you find that symptoms. Visit ur doctor as soon as possible....
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Question: Hi am 34 week pregnant today I had mild stomach pain and stomach tightening...is it normal? I am very scared about pre term labour.... Pls guide me
Answer: Dear mild ache is ok. Sometimes it happens because of indigestion. If you feel pain like periods cramps or more than that then it may be sign of delivery. You are in your 9 th month of pregnancy. So don't worry even if you get labor pain
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Question: Hi i am 38week pregnant today little bit brown discharge this is labour pain pls suggest me
Answer: Please consult the doc.. any major white/red discharge or water leakage ..
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Question: Hi i am 36 week pregnant i have little pain in my back bone it is normal and how can i find labour pain i am very scared
Answer: Hello dear this is very normal. As the delivery date approaches you will experience back pain. Take plenty of rest. Sleep on the left side and keep pillow on the right side. Also apply pain relief ointment and give slight hot pressure. It will reduce pain
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