15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi...I am 14weeks pregnant. Today morning had constipation and blood in stool. Then after 2-3 hours went for loo and again bleeding from same place. Dr. Gave me some syrup n ointment. Is it normal or serious?

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Answer: Constipation is normal during pregnancy but take care as you are bleeding . Drink more fluids. Eat fibre rich food. Don't strain much to pass stool.
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Question: Today I noticed some blood in my morning stool without any pain and constipation. Is it normal?
Answer: Take proper diet and forget the heat producing food.. May b aapne kuch garam khaya hoga..aage se dyan rakho
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Question: I had normal delivery last month and suffering with constipation from then with blood in stools and unbearable pain during and after passing stool. Please suggest any remedy
Answer: Hey dr talk to your gyn and please take stool softeners... you can even buy over the counter
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Question: I had relation last night n after that in morning when i went to the washroom i saw little bleeding after that i went to ultrasound then the Dr told me that the baby is ok but little blood clot is the there near placenta... N then the Dr gave injection for the protection of the baby but the problem is that again today is saw some bleeding in the washroom... Plz tell me will my baby be ok
Answer: Hi dear keep pillow below your legs n take complete bed rest n visit gynac once again
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