19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi , i am 18weeks pregnant now i want to ask tat i didn't taken folic acid tablet because its nt comfortable to mee so nothing will happen na

Answer: Dear it is important to take folic acid during first trimester of your pregnancy. If you cannot take the tablet then you should have taken it in the form of diet like kiwi and banana are said to have high folate and can be consumed during pregnancy by those who cannot take the medication. Anyways you would be having the mid pregnancy scan soon and that will tell the healthy of your baby and growth as well. So do not worry everything will be fine. Hope it helps.
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Question: I m taking folic acid tablet instead of iron tablet bcoz iron tablet cause vomiting...so plz tell me is it ok to take folic acid n if iron tablet is nt taken than does it harm my baby?
Answer: Folic acid is different than iron tablets. Folic acid helps in growth of the baby but iron tablets increases haemoglobin in the blood which helps in oxygen supply for you and the baby. The baby will get blood through you through placenta but you will be depleted and you will be week if you stop taking iron tablets. So it is better you start taking iron tablets. You may be thinking you can have iron through your diet which is wrong. N it will not be sufficient for you and the baby. So Dr's prescribe iron supplements during pregnancy.
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Question: I had taken folic acid tablets in first trimester. Now doctor has prescribed me to take iron n vitamin tablets... should i continue to take folic acid tablet
Answer: Hi! Yes dear folic acid is very important in pregnancy. Folic acid helps in neural birth defects in baby and lower the chance of miscarriage by preventing anemia and also helps the body to create and maintain new cells specially RBC. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi..now am 12 weeks pregnant.but i did not take folic acid due to heavy vomit..its will affect baby?
Answer: Oh no.. you will be fine dear.. as long as you eat fruits and vegetables.. you can take your folic acid if you vomitting stops..
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