8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 8week pregnant now.... As now my breast tenderness has been stop thier is not pain nor it has soreness I am worried... Hope everything is fine

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Question: I am 5 wk 1 day pregnant. from yesterday my breast pain has been gone completely. now just some soreness but very much. is it normal?
Answer: Hello! It is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. Breast pain may return again. Don't worry about it.
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Question: Previously i had breast tenderness but now it has gone . I am 9 week pregnant
Answer: it is normal that you have tender breasts in pregnancy..its a big sign that you are pregnant.. Its normal that its gone now..one of the sign of being pregnant is breast tenderness..so u dont have to worry
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Question: Hi i am 8week pregnant i have breast pain is it ok?or anything problem?
Answer: Yes dear. It is absolutely normal as it is the most common pregnancy symptom. Hope it helps.
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