30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... I am 30week pregnant now and my baby is in breech position. Doctor told me to sleep only on left side but i cant to do so. Right side is very comfortable for me. If i sleep on left side, within an hour i feel like baby is putting weight on right stomach and i feel vaginal pain.. what to do for this?

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Answer: Hello! Breech position can change by 32 weeks there is no problem. As for sleeping on the left, your doctor might have suggested that to sleep more on the left as it ensures that the blood and nutrients reaches properly to the placenta and the baby. But there is no problem in changing your sides. You can keep changing between right and left. Use lot of pillows to support yourself. You can also get a pregnancy pillow, which is designed to meet the requirements of expecting mothers. Take care
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Question: hai everyone suggest me to sleep on left side...but i cant sleep on left side ly particularly feel more comfortable on right side...
Answer: Hello! Yes, left is better to ensure that the nutrients, oxygen and blood supply is proper to the placenta and the baby. But sleeping on right doesn't mean that the supply stops. You can change sides and sleep, there is no problem in that. Try to support your back with a blanket and lean your back on it for better support. Also put pillow between your legs. This helps to be comfortable and give you proper sleep.
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Question: I feel comfortable sleeping in right position only.Is it must to sleep on left side?
Answer: Its good if u sleep on left side...but at the end comfort sleep is imp...so u can sleep on right side..but try to sleep of left in between... If i told u about mine..i do sleep on right aprox 2 hrs next 30min left...i keep changing my sides
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Question: Hi im 32 weeks pregnant ,my doctor asked me to sleep only on left side,its very uncomfortable for me amd and i cant sleep in that position...right side is more comfortable for me... Is it safe
Answer: Dear its important to sleep on left side and avoid sleeping on right side because sleeping on the left side improves circulation to the heart and allows for the best blood flow to the fetus, uterus, and kidneys.. To get a comfortable sleep put pillow under your baby bump and between your legs and bent your legs a bit....
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