7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I am 7week pregnant n m feeling low frm mrg to night wat should i do??

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Answer: mood swing in pregannacy is very normla dear. dont feel low. watch movies go for shopping socialize, enjoyy you will feel better.
Answer: watch t.v. ...follow healthy routine...n eat which u like most...n entertain urself
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Question: Hi m 10 w pregnant n today since mrg my stomach is badly aching ....even giddiness feelin lyk low BP...n vomating. wat to do?
Answer: Hi dear. Due to the stretching of uterus to acccomodate the baby's growth, mild pain occurs. Do simple exercises to overcome the pain. Also morning sickness(feeling tired and vomitting) is very normal during pregnancy. Avoid foods and smells that trigger your vomitting. Eat dry and plain foods rather than creamier foods. Sniff lemon and drink ginger water.
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Question: I m 21 weeks pregnant n suffering frm constipation...wat to do
Answer: Take plenty of liquids like juice, soup.... More water intake. Take lukewarm water to drink instead of cold and firget to ask ur doctor for some advice . Tk cr
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Question: Im 7 months pregnant. My bp suddenly got low, n feeling giddiness. wat is the reason. Wat i should do.
Answer: Hi dear, Low BP is a common concern during pregnancy.usually the dizzyness in pregnancy comes from.low BP,as maximum blood flow is towards the growing baby and less blood to brain.one must drink plenty of water to avoid the dizzyness through low BP.daily eat one boil d egg with pepper and little salt.eating whole grain foods and fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits could control BP.daily brisk walks would also help in overall blood pressure.please keep checking the healofy app for pregnancy care and also get to know the development of baby.donot miss out!....
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