18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am 5month pregnant my grandmother told me to apply normal heat sesame oil around my vaginal root everyday 20mins for normal delivery, is this correct or it will make any side effects please answer

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Answer: Plz dnt do anything.from 8 th month I started doing normal delivery exercises and yoga under guidance with trained physiotherapist. When pain started my mother in law ga e me 16 spoons of sterile cow urine to drink. I delivered baby in 6 hrs although it was my 1 st pregnancy and my baby weight was more. Dr decided c section for me but I delivered normal.
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    Anonymous Mom87 days ago

    But did u drunk tat urine

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Question: I am feeding dexolac 1 to my 10days old baby as my breast milk is very less...will this create any side effects in my baby...pls answer
Answer: Hello! Please don't worry. There are lot of babies who have been completely dependent on formula milk and have grown to a healthy individual. It is not a problem. But since you have little milk also, try feeding more often . You can also side by try to increase the milk supply. For starting lactation ,you need to increase skin to skin contact with your baby . Keep offering your nipples to your baby when she is not very hungry . Also simultaneously use breast pump for increasing the supply . Drink plenty of water . Also include this home remedy for help in lactation . Take a spoon of fenugreek seeds and soak it in a cup of water overnight . Next day boil the seeds in the same water for some time . Strain and have it like tea every morning till you get a good milk supply . Hopefully this helps you ,take care . Take care
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Question: I had bleeding problem in 1st trimester. Is this problem is happens any side effects for my normal delivery? plz answer me
Answer: Hi ,depends on the cause of bleeding If it was implantation bleeding then nothing to worry But if the reason if bleeding was related to some hormonal problem then Dr will have to decide .
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Question: Hello..i have a dout my delivery date is tommarow..doctor said that i will try for normal delivery..but i am fearing for Labour pains. Which delivery is better?c section or normal delivery?please advise me..some other told me that c section will have more side effects in futer like back pain and so..i am confusing...
Answer: Yes normal delivery is better but normal delivery my pains brdasht krni parti hain but c sec my pain us time feel ni hoti but bad my kafe care krni parti hai
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