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Question: Hi... I am 14weeks pregnant. From today's morning it pains me in my abdomen's side while walking. Is there somethimg to worry about it? Plz help. I am scared

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Answer: hi dear! HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY ! normally the pains are very common in pregnancy as the pregnancy continues , the ligaments stretch which can cause such pain dear. if you feel the pain is bad you should consult with your gyanc dear so that she will just examine you to see if everything si ok dear. dont worry . take care. i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Hi...I am 14weeks pregnant and I have pains in my lower abdomen very close to my bladder for 3days now....should I worry about it
Answer: Dear this pain is normal during pregnancy. You may notice that you feel period-like cramps or even pain on one side. The most common reason to have pain that feels like cramping is actually your uterus growing or stretching. This is normal pain and should be expected in a healthy pregnancy. You may also feel "full" or "heavy" in the area of your uterus. Hope this helps.
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Question: I am feeling less movement from morning...is there anything to worry about
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Babies in tummy will be very active some days, lazy some days, sleepy some days. It's common.Just like adults they too feel like sleeping more on some days. Nothing to worry about it. As baby grows space reduces and movements too. If you feel the movements stopped suddenly then you need to consult doctor. Take care
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Question: Hi! I am 11 weeks pregnant.. From morning I am having leg pains. Is it common
Answer: leg pain itne juldi nai start hote , but not to worry.. its common in pregnancy
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