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Question: hi I am pregnant from 6 months. I have a problem of thyroid. In my report thyroid is 5.10 is it okay? Is there any problem? plss replyy

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Answer: Hello dear! You have hypothyroidism and you have to control it. You should try to avoid goitrogens like food such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli etc. You will also have to start medication for this. Please contact your doctor if you arenot able to control your Hypothyroidism, because if it is not controlled it will affect the child's physical and mental development.
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    Plz consult your doc immediately.. as it shoud be within 3

Answer: ma'am I have 30 weeks 1day pregnant. in 29weeks 5days ultraspund report e my babys weight 1546gm & bt height ta bujhtesina. BPD-7.21,FL-5.82,AC-262mm.....heart rate -155.... is it normal & i want to know babys height...
Answer: If u r taking proper tablets it's gud then no problem but dnt stop taking tablets it may effect baby
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