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Question: Hi, I am pregnant and my friend has suggested me to sleep on the left. Is she right? Are there any special positions to sleep in pregnancy? Also tell me why is it so important? Is lying on my back harmful to the child?

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Answer: Hello dr... Congratulations on your pregnancy. Yes your friend is right. You should sleep on your left It would be better because in this position blood and nutrients from your body easily reach the child through the placenta. Keep a pillow between your legs or just bend your knees. Also lying on back is realy not god for any pregnant women because the uterus will grow with time and the weight of it may put immense pressure on the veins and muscles. If you dont sleep on side then start making a habit to do so.
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Question: What are the best positions to sleep in pregnancy?can i lay down on my back?
Answer: Please prefer sleeping on sides preferably on left side..as that gives your baby better blood circulation..never sleep on your back as it presses a nerve that can give you breathlessness and giddyness..you shift to any sides.
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Question: I sleep mostly on left side from starting and some time on right to but know I'm unable to move and can't sleep on right side at all is it in the sleep only on left or I need to change the positions
Answer: Left side sleeping is good.. but spend sometime on right side also.. don't sleep on ur back it will cause backache.. try to have a comfortable sleep.. don't put pressure on your stomach
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Question: I always feel comfortable on the right side while sleeping or lying...can u pls tell why it is?
Answer: It could be due to the position of your baby so don't worry you can try sleeping on your left side or you can try getting the comfort with the help of a pillows
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