35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 34.5weeks pregnant and my baby is in breech..my doctor told let's wait till 38 week else we have to do c section.. I am really worried.. Is there is any exercise to turn breech baby and go with normal delivery?

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Answer: You are already approaching 35 weeks. Baby sometimes rotates on its own. Don't attempt anything on ur own as it can seriously affect baby because umbilical cord sometimes entangles around foetal neck. Otherwise in today's era c sections are very safe
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    Parveen Harif28 days ago

    Thanks so much.. Pray for me and my baby

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Question: Hi I am adviced to get admitted on 23rd, as Doctor will try inducing labour or else she will have to go for c section. M really worried 😟
Answer: Hello! Don't wo every thing will be fine. Just remember you are going to meet your little one. Hence, don't worry.
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Question: Hi. My baby is in breech position still, doctor told me t go for c-section but I m worried abt it, is ter any other solution??
Answer: Hi dear In the last stage baby didn't get space to move so there are less likely chance that baby will move in head down position So cesaser is the only option for this.. Don't worry now a days technology us so good you may not feel and it will not harm your baby..
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Question: Hi, I am 37week + 6 days pregnant but my baby is still in breech position. Doc has advised us to go for C section. Is there any possibility for baby to turn by itself? Bit worried
Answer: hi dear! normally till 36 weeks baby keep changing the position. so its fine. you still have some time until your baby can change the position. normally even after the 36th week the baby still in breech position then the the doctors will opt for ecv(external cephalic version). in this , doctor will externally rotate the baby by putting his hand on the tummy. to change the position of the baby dear! but if the doctor has advised then it means by ecv also it wont change the position now.dont worry dear! everything will be fine.! so do not worry . ! take care! i hope this information was useful to you .
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