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Question: Hi i am 4month pregnant and craving and eating ice cubes..how bad or good it is??

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Answer: hi your condition is named as pica, that is coming for ice. this could mean that you are having iron deficiency or you are anemic so better to work on to increase your HB level . so have pulses fruits green vegetable especially spinach have pomegranate and oranges this would help you in increasing your HB level.
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Question: Hi i am 4months pregnant, and craving and eating ice cubes regularly. How good or bad it is?
Answer: hi it is not good because it will lead to cold and cough and viral infection please avoid dear
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Question: I have strong craving of eating ice cubes !is it safe to eat ice in perganancy
Answer: Hello... No dear,it is not safe,due to defiency of iron,pica is an eating disorder or carving in which people may tend to eat one or more non food item,such as ice,chalk,clay..people with pica aren't compelled  to eat ice,but their iron defiency symptoms may tend to make them eat ice cubes,but regular practice of this habit is not good for you,it will spoil your tooth enamel,tooth health ,mental depression and also reduces heart health.. Precautions for stop eating ice cube can changed by having iron rich foods ,that includes Green leafy vegetables Dry fruits Whole grains and cereals Vitamin C fruits ,that includes Orange Strawberry Blackberry Mosambi Lemon Non veg items like fish,egg,chicken ,meat Fruits and vegetables Nuts
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Question: Hi i am extreme craving of eating soaked rice. Is it good or bad?
Answer: Dear the craving of rice can be because of some deficiency of iron or calcium so please dont eat it as it can cause stomach ache and talk to your doctor about it ..
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