12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 12weeks pregnancy I have lot of stress. Some family problems what I do any problem for child

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Answer: Try avoid all ur stress as u are pregnant.. Be stressfee
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Question: I have lot of stress due to family problems. How can I overcome it?
Answer: Meditation helps keep one calm and with day to day stress... You may talk to a trusted friend or family member about your problems, alternatively please seek counseling if you are too stressed out.
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Question: I have lot of stress. What shall I do? How to overcome my stress??
Answer: Spend time with your hubby and share your problem.. you may go out for a change.
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Question: I am in 12weeks pregnency.my husband have Epilepsy problem.everyday he takes medicine.have any health problem for my child ?
Answer: Hi, i hope he was taking safe medicines. If yes then nothing ro worry.
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