11 months old baby

Question: Hi I am planning to transition my baby to cow milk from next month when he will be 1. He is still breastfeeding 3 times in the day and before sleeping. He also wakes up multiple times at night and feeds. Please advice how I can make the transition easier for him?

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Answer: Actually my baby also did same in 11 months bt nw i give bm only 2 times in 24 hr. Nw she dont ask several times, nw she is 1 year 6months,, whenever she ask fr bm i distract her mood and show her fav like dog cat cow etc and i give something to eat... Then she dont force fr bm ... BM is good fr baby's... It improves bonding too.
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    harshitha erannaiah89 days ago

    Skip the feeding slowly , send ur baby to ur close relatives home fr 2 to 3 days , aply neem oil or alovera on nipple ... Actually i got this tips from a mamma in this app only.. I did't stop yet.

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Question: Hi. My baby is 13 months now. He still wakes up alot at night for breastfeeding.. he is teething right now.i feed him well before sleeping. He eats dinner.. but still wakes up alot.. pls suggest something
Answer: Assalamualikum nathing my dear dont worry ur played him to before sleeping well then ur child will not wake up in mid night
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Question: My 13 months old son wakes up many times in the night , i get very tired feeding him...how can i make him sleep whole night without feeds?
Answer: Try to give less liquid food during night because it is easily digestible. Give some solids and put him to sleep. Especially avoid milk before bed. They may pee a lot at night. And feels hungry soon. Also make him understand the difference between night and day by introducing dim light in room during night.
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Question: My baby will turn 1 yr next month. I breastfeed him only at night. In day time he sleeps in his cradle. But at night he sleeps next to me. But without feeding him it's impossible to make him sleep as he doesn't take bottle. What can I do to stop breastfeeding him. & he also wakes up every now & then throughout the night. Plz help.
Answer: Baby should be breast feed atleast up to one and half year or two yearS. It will help to increase the brain growth of kid. Some content available in mothers milk which increase brain growth of child is not available in bottle milk. So happy feeding.
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