10 months old baby

Question: Hi..I am planning to stop breastmilk and continue giving other milk...pls give me suggestions...my kid is taking solids but crying a lot while I am not giving milk to her...also suggest what are other options for milk..

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Answer: Hi dear. It seems your baby is just 10 months so too young to stop breastmilk if there is no medical reasons. Try to continue till 2yrs if possible along with other feeds. Don't give cows milk before 1yr age. If you want to give formula milk it's ok. Try to introduce little quantity at first, after she gets ok with bottle increase quantity. Do it at daytime and breastfeed atleast 2times morning and night. Don't stop feeding suddenly. It will be harmful for both of you
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    Saimanasa Valligari979 days ago

    I am not stopping as of now..but I have join duties immediately...pls suggest me alternate Formula milk to give to baby in the day times...

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    Rakhi Prince978 days ago

    @Saimanasa, good that you are both homemaker and working woman. Well I will tell you what I do as my situation is also same; you can get more suggestions though. There are many formulas available in market. I use Nestle Nan. You will get it according to age. Breastfeed baby in the morning if possible. As you have started solids, no problem. Give purees and mashed rice dal veggies. Give formula 150 ml at a time maybe at 11am and 3 pm. Let baby sleep in between. In the evening again breastfeed. So you can balance like this. Give instructions to the person who will take care of baby. If you think need of formula at night also it's ok but don't give more than 3times a day. 2times is best. Introduce more other foods. Hope it helps. Get some more opinions too.😊

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