21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, I am 5 months pregnant. Many people told me not to do eyebrows threading. Is it ok to do threading?

Answer: Dear it is absolutely fine to do threading during pregnancy. These are myths and are not true at all. Though ur skin is more sensitive during pregnancy so you may feel more pain as compared to earlier. Hope it helps.
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    Ananya Hegde119 days ago

    Thank you

Answer: Hi dear, It is normal and pretty safe to do eyebrows in pregnancy.i have done that too,and it had no effects in my pregnancy.
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Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant now. Is it ok to do eyebrows threading during this time?
Answer: Yes, you can do , nothing problem. N it depends upon skin as well, how sensitive it is.
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Question: hi.. Iam 14 week pregnant can I do eyebrows threading and waxing!! is it safe?
Answer: Yes it is fine, it's advised to use same saloon where u go regularly so that it won't be a new experience for you.
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Question: Is it ok to do eyebrows threading in 38weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: Hello. Eyebrows threading doesn't causes any harm.. it is absolutely safe... Hope this answer will help you
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