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Question: Hi I am 5 month prgent,still I am getting vomiting,any one help to stop the vomiting

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Answer: About 70% of expecting mother experience Nausea and vomiting at some point of pregnancy and more commonly in early pregnancy While i understand that nausea is an uncomfortable feeling please be assured that it is not harmful to you or your baby and infact it is considered to be a sign of healthy pregnancy. Look at the steps below to help you with the same : Avoiding foods and smells that trigger your nausea. Keeping dry biscuits such as rusk or marie by your bed and eating a couple before getting up. Allow some time for digestion, and rise slowly once you are ready. Eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day instead of three big meals. Drinking less water/fluids with your meals, and instead drink them between meals. Eating more dry, plain foods such as white rice, dry toast. Sucking on hard candy. Keeping rooms well ventilated or having a fan close by for easier breathing. If neither of these are possible, take time to go outside to get some fresh air. Getting plenty of rest; Listen to your body when you are feeling fatigued, and try lying down. Sniffing ginger or lemons or drinking lemonade, which can help ease the feeling of nausea. Talking with your doctor about the multivitamin you are taking; having too much iron may cause nausea, and switching to a different vitamin could help. Asking your doctor about taking a vitamin B-6 supplement, which has proven to help nausea and vomiting. Your tiredness will only reduce if you eat .... Eat small meals but eat
Answer: Hello dear mother it is ok if you are experiencing nausea and vomiting even at 5 months pregnancy usually these are the symptoms which are mostly prevalent in the first trimester but it may carry on throughout the pregnancy for most of the women also. if you are vomiting more than few times per day and you are unable to keep without throwing up then you should see the doctor immediately. If that is not the case you can treat it at home. Here I would like to stress on the fact that the vomiting does not affect your baby You don't have to worry a lot for your vomiting it only indicates that there are a lot of hormonal and other kind of changes in your body as your problem pregnancy will progress by the end of six month or so you will start feeling much better Try to keep yourself hydrated and taking lots of juices and coconut water and fluid you can take some sour candies that will help you to avoid throwing up. Stay away from any kind of unusual Aroma and search foods that may cause you to throw up. Take rest and do not exert yourself Take care hope my answer was helpful to you
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