25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, I am in 24 weeks, still i didnt feel the movement of the baby as its first pregnancy, in my 22nd scan everything is normal, when do i feel the movement of the baby

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Answer: You should feel baby movements by now, however you can wait till 26weeks. The movements will be very light flutter, butterfly or even like a gaseous movement. You'll be able to appreciate more when you are lying still for some time. If you have an anterior placenta then it is likely that there will be a delay in appreciating movements. So rest assured and wait for 2 more weeks. If you don't feel movement till 26 weeks, meet your doctor and get an ultrasound done. All the best. Hope this information is helpful to you.
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Question: Hi.. I can't feel baby movements.. I took scan in 8 weeks everything was normal. But now I can't feel baby movement. It's my first pregnancy.
Answer: End of 5th month or beginning of 6th month you will start feeling. Dnt worry
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Question: I am in 22 weeks , but still i didnt feel the movement of baby or any kick, when do i feel the same
Answer: The baby movement count is important as it early indicates any complication or problem and also signals if there is any intrauterine growth restriction or if your baby is under distress . Do not worry if you start noticing the movements they will be somewhere around 20 movements a day including rotation turning kicking Limb movements air bubble movements butterfly fluttering in your belly and if you feel that fetal movements are getting less then you can get one manual checkup done with your gyni and you can take one non stress test wherein your gynecologist will measure your baby's fetal heart rate and will tell you the optimum movements. You should not worry.
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Question: Hello i m 23 weeks pregnant but didnt feel baby movement yet even my baby didnt kick. When will i feel my baby movement . Is everything normal
Answer: hi mam don't worry for some ladies during first pregnancy they might feel the baby's movement little later this is because of the baby's growth so you don't need to worry much about it you will feel the caking and the moment in another couple of weeks. Even after 25th the week if you don't get any babies moment please consultel the doctor
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