19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi....i am in 18 week of pregnancy...is there any problem for my baby when I sleep on back ?

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Answer: Hi dear,try to sleep on your side don't sleep on back it is better to sleep on your left side
Answer: You should avoid sleeping on back. Sleeping on left side is good for you and your baby
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Question: I am comfortable to sleep on my back, is there any problem for baby, now I am in 7th month
Answer: Ya... Its become to go critical situation and leads to c section.. kindly change it ma.. try to sleep left side only. Bcz baby move to your chest and sitting position so that baby may not rotate for your delivery.. so automatically will happen to c section.
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Question: I am on 16th week, can I sleep on my stomach?? Will there be any problem for the baby??
Answer: Hello! Please do not sleep on the stomach. It can be risky. Best position to sleep is on the sides specially on the left as it ensures that the baby gets proper supply of oxygen and nutrients. Take care
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Question: I am 18weeks pregnant.Is there any problem if i sleep on my back?
Answer: Hello! when you lie on your back the pressure from your baby and uterus could press your vena cava (a vein that moves blood from your lower half to your heart) and could result in dizziness, blood pressure changes, or a possible blood flow reduction to your uterus. Its ok to back sleep in your first trimester but once things start to grow change it up. Its best to get into those habits sooner than later
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