15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I am in week 15. I have noticed that my areolas have lightened. is this normal? or do I need to consult my gyneac?

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Question: I have lost 10kgs whatever I gained in pregnancy in just 6 weeks. Is that normal or should I consult gyneac. Please don't
Answer: It is normal to lose the extra weight gained during pregnancy at this time. If you are active and energetic, you don't need to worry. Continue with a balanced diet and take your iron calcium supplements regularly
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Question: Hi, I am 32week 6 days pregnant. I am feeling my baby's hiccups daily. Is that normal or do I need to consult doctor?
Answer: Hi it is fine as at this age baby starts practicing to breath and this is a natural process for baby to have such hiccup. Don't worry.
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Question: Hi I am 6 weeks pregnant...I have constipation problem from last 1 week..is this normal or need to consult doctor to get rid of this?
Answer: Hi, you can try home remedies it will help you in constipation. You should have fibre rich food because fibres help in constipation Have green vegetables and carrots which are the rich source of fibres. You should also have oats as it is fibre rich food.Have gauva .
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