23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I am in my 23rd week of pregnancy. I cant feel babies movements. But some times i can feel like some bubbles in my stomach. But every one says that at this time,you have to feel babies movements clearly. But i dont feel... Why

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Answer: Hello dear baby movements will start by 20-24 weeks. Intially it will be less like fluttering movements in the abdomen. After 24 weeks you will start having movements more clearly and distinctively. Nothing to worry dear. Wait for sometime more time. You will be able to feel strong movements as the weeks increases
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Question: When will I feel baby movements. I can feel some bubbles in my stomach.
Answer: Hi Dear.. yes they are movements.. The bubbles you are feeling in your stomach is quickning and called as baby moves. enjoy this moment dear.. and right now since the baby is not that big so occasional and light moves are normal.
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Question: at 6th month how often should I feel baby movements in one day? some time I feel them less and some times I don't even feel.
Answer: counting starts after 32 weeks as of now since the baby growth is less and you might feel light and occasionally movements but yes movements should be there.
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Question: I feel like bubbles busting in my stomach is this normal
Answer: Hi! Yes its normal dear, happens due to gas and not related to baby at all.. Hope this helps!
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