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Question: Hi i am in my 6th week of pregnancy . Dr says that by this time heart beats should show but in my case it havv'nt appear till date. Is it normal?? Or do i have to worry about this?? Also my gyne told me that my pregnancy is very week. What should i do ?

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Answer: Hello dear. I feel it is absolutely normal and nothing to worry for now. Heartbeat is usually not seen in early scans and becomes visible. In later scans and hence first scan is recommended after 7 weeks completion. Please wait for another 2 weeks and repeat the scan and hopefully everything will be clearly visible. Hope it helps.
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    Shreya Joshi26 days ago


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Question: My vaginal discharge has stopped completely in my 6th week pregnancy. Is it something that i should worry about?
Answer: Hi! No dear not at all, you dont need to worry at all its no where related to your baby, if all your reports are fine dont worry abt the vaginal discharge its mostly on and off in pregnancy.. Good luck!
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Question: This is my last week of pregnancy.. i m very much excited as well as panic also.. ?? What should I do in this case
Answer: Hi dear, I can completely understand your curiosity. We all went through it. You are due in next few week so don't panic and enjoy this time as soon baby will be with you. Read more about delivery and prepare your maternity bag. Think positive and be relaxed darling. The more information you gather the less nervous you would be.
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Question: Hi I am facing shortness of breath my heart beats very fast. What should i do
Answer: Hi dear, this happens in pregnancy , whenever ur feeling breathing issues take rest have water or coconut water. During pregnancy, the amount of blood pumped by the heart increases . As cardiac output increases, the heart rate at rest speeds up from a normal prepregnancy rate of about 70 beats per minute to 80 or 90 beats per minute. Such changes are normal during pregnancy.
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