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Question: Hi.. i am in 6 weeks of my second pregnancy..i took scan in 42nd day and diagnosed with short cervix 2.2 cm. Doctor suggested to be on complete bed rest for two weeks. Prescribed another scan in 8th week to check it again. Any mommies with similar experience please pour your thoughts

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Answer: Hi.. Dear It is normal situation don't worry, take proper rest and concentrate on your diet.. It is most important.. Don't panic or stress yourself.. But best rest is recommended in such situation..
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    Revathy Kuberan861 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: Hi, I am 25weeks pregnant. I was diagosed with short cervix 2.2 cm with funneling.I had cervix cerclage for that.After operation My cervix length is 2.8 cm. How long I need to take bed rest ..any idea?
Answer: Hello, Dear that is a good thing that you get a cerclage. After the procedure you need at least 2 to 3 weeks of complete bed rest and even after that you need to take some precautions like don't lift heavy things avoid bending over and walk only a little. After the procedure you can enjoy a healthy pregnancy but don't forget to take extra care of yourself .. enjoy your pregnancy..
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Question: Hi, I'm 12 weeks pregnant and my doctor said that cervix is short 2.40 cm and asked to take bed rest fod two weeks.. After two weeks have to take another scan and if cervix is same length she suggested to put stitches. Whether the cervix length will increase? Also if I put stitches there is possibility for normal delivery?
Answer: Hello! Chances are there that the cervix might increase is very less. Hence it is to be on bed rest. Normal delivery chances are there after the stitches are done provided other factors also support. Take care
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Question: In my 21 weeks scan cervical length is 2.4 cm( short cervix). My dr. suggested me susten gel. But he did not say anything about bed rest. I want to know does bed rest help with short cervix. Please suggest.
Answer: Yes it helps... your dr not suggested you bed rest but u should take rest as much as u can...dont do so much of physical activities.
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