12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am in 1st trimester with a toddler. I am working women with my mother's help. Still I m not able to manage work life balance. Anybody faced similar problem. Could you share your experience and tell me how to handle

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Answer: It is really hard. You need always some one to support it gr8 that your mom is with you. I was alone so I took a break from job when my daughter started her schooling then I joined back.
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Question: I am planning to buy a pregnancy pillow.. anybody is using it already? Plz share your experience
Answer: Hi dear do I am not using any pregnancy pillow now but I have used 3 yrs back because my baby is now three years old and the 'C' shaped pillows are very good and comfortable you can try browsing on Amazon on firstcry you will have good deals as well.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am a working mom. My baby s 5 months old . I am not able to balance my work and life. Not able to concentrate, feel stressed . Please any one suggest me how to come out of this situation and guidelines to handle
Answer: Hi,this is stressful for every workings mom You will need a.helping hand dear As your baby is small and baby needs attention or will be due to manage both without a helping hand or.else.foe.some time.toi should.tru ronwork.half day so that even.toi are.a bit relaxed
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Question: When should one do home pregnancy test after missed period? I would really appreciate if you all could share your experience with these home tests? Because I am getting all kinds of answers online. Confused.
Answer: I have done my pregnancy test after 2 days of my missed period. I got 2 lines but one was very lite, so done after 4 days, so I got the accurate result, by 2 dark pink lines.
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