10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i am in 10th week pregnancy i am getting right abdominal joint pain, right leg pain and right side back pain frequently is it any problem

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Answer: Its completely normal dear. These kind of pain are normal during pregnancy. Body aches are a very common complaint in pregnancy, whether it's affecting a specific area, such as pelvic pressure, or just general discomfort. The aches are usually just a sign that your body is preparing for childbirth. Of course, other illnesses like the flu can cause body aches too. Keep your weight gain under control with proper diet and exercise. Avoid taking pain relievers unless necessary; instead, use a heating pad on your back to relieve pain. Special exercisesto strengthen abdominal muscles can also help reduce backache. Try apregnancy girdle or elastic sling tosupport your abdomen.
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Question: Hello, am getting pain in abdominal is there any problem,sometimes right side sometimes left side
Answer: Hello dear..Duringpregnancy ,body will undergo lot of harmonal changes, stomach or abdomen pain is normal ,because our body is travelling through a new phase,and your uterus is expanding and muscles are stretching Diet plays an important role in digestion process, so please follow below tips Eat at regular intervals Eat atleast six small meals will help the digestive system ,and also helps hunger Fiber rich food Intake of fruits like apples,prunes, figs,guava can be taken to releive constipation Stay hydrated It is essential to drink three litres of water daily, drinking water throughout the day in smaller quantity aids digestion Ginger tea Drink ginger tea after meals will reduce indigestion problem Avoid caffeine Don't drink coffee when you suffer from indigestion.. it will increase it Drink ajwan water Boil ajwan seeds in water, drink this water instead of normal water,it will cure indigestion effectively Avoid gas related foods Don't eat potato,starchy foods,soda,refined sugar because they cause indigestion Drink buttermilk with cumin seeds,ginger,coriander leaves .this is best remedy for indigestion Physical activity Engage yourself in physical activity after meals,mild walk can also be helpful If symptoms presist for longer periods,then consult doctor
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Question: I am 9 weeks pregnant i am getting severe back pain, right leg and left abdominal joint pain i am do afraid about this is it any problem
Answer: This is absolutely normal dear! It's all pregnancy hormones Coz at this time our undergoes lot of changes and hormonal imbalances so it's normal just take good care if urself
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Question: Am getting lower abdominal pain at right side, back pain at right side and also at right leg is it normal or not
Answer: Normal.. just do regular mild excersise. Always sit in straight posture
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