19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, i am having rashes and itching on the sides of vaginal. Pls tel me what to do

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Answer: Hi.. Vaginal Itching is the main concern of many ladies in pregnancy.Some of the effective tips for treating vaginal itching during pregnancy includes wearing comfortable clothes, vaginal wash, consuming yogurt, avoiding perfumed products, applying honey, drinking lot of water
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Question: Am having pimples in vaginal sides and itching..what can i do?can i use ointment?
Answer: Hi dear, The bump you are talking about could be due to: 1- vaginal cysyts,which are not painful unless infected due to some infection or sexually transmitted diseases 2-swelling in Bartholin gland,which helps in lubrication of vagina during arousal 3- ingrown hair could lead to such bumps 4- some boil or pimple 5- pus filled in tissue or organ Real reason can be determined only when examined properly.i would advice you to check with your doctor to get releif asap.he might prescribe you for some antibiotics,to clear the infection.
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Question: I m going through 7th month of pregnancy.. i am having infection and itching on the sides of vagina.. what to use to cure it.
Answer: Hi dear, The symptoms are of yeast infection.Candida or yeast infections are pretty annoying especially when you are pregnant.reasons for recurring yeast infection: too much use of antibiotics,which would decrease the good bacteria like lactobacillus,in gut.resulting in growth of bad bacterias which gives rise to yeast infections.high sugar.diabetes increases the growth of yeast infections.low immune system,genetic,pregnancy .due to hormonal fluctuations,the vaginal pH get disrupted ,thereby causing yeast infections.poor eating habits.too much sugary diet could give rise to such infections as yeast thrive on sugar.stress and lack of sleep could cause hormonal imbalances,there by causing infection.if your partner is infected with yeast infection,it could spread to you .so use condoms while sex To prevent yeast infections: use cotton and loose underwear,keep the area clean and dry,avoid public toilet,wash underwear in hot water,avoid perfumed sanitary pads,avoid using tampons, eat lot of garlic especially,raw ones,drink plenty of water,exercise daily
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Question: Can anybody suggest what to do i am having severe rashes and itching on tummy like pupp and now rashes itching started here and dere
Answer: Hi dear this is common as the skin gets stretched thus cause the marks and itchy and pain apply aloe vera that helps to stop itching and rashes. Can also apply oil or vasekine but aloe vera is good to use it also make stretch marks fade soon.
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