22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. I am having frequent tendancy to urinate.. Is it normal or is it the symptom of urinary infection??

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Answer: it is normal there is nothing to worry
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Question: I am having frequent urge to urinate and but passes only small amount of urine. Is it urinal infection???
Answer: Hello! No it is not urine infection. It is due to the growing uterus which puts pressure on the bladder. This why you feel the urge to urinate more often. There is nothing to worry, it is common in pregnancy. Take care
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Question: Hi I have very frequent urination...after drinking water I have to go to pee.. Is it normal or this is the symptoms of infection
Answer: Hello dear It is normal to go to toilet frequently . As ur uterus is growing, it is putting pressure on ur bladder resulting in pressure on it wnd thus u have to rush to toilet.
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Question: Hi am 15week pregnant n i have urinary infection.. Is it normal??
Answer: Congratulations dear..,s it is common,but do consult your doctor n use medication as they suggested, don't neglect it
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