36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. I am going to enter 37th week tomorrow.. As per 35th week of report baby was in breech position.. Is this risk and what should I do if my baby position should come as traverse position.. Please say suggestion. Its my first baby.

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Answer: Firstly try not to worry. Always ask your doctor all questions in details. When my baby was in breech position my doctor said it's nothing to worry about. So I will suggest the same to you dear.
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    Angel Iswariya61 days ago

    Thank you..

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Question: My 35th week running & as per sonography report amniotic fluid reduced to 7%. Any risk?
Answer: It is on border so you have to take some fruit juice,drink plenty of water and also take coconut water it will help to increase amniotic fluid
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Question: Can baby move its position to breech even if it was in head down position at 32th week scan report.
Answer: hi yes it is possible for the baby to turn the position then the baby starts moving down so then 36 weeks it is quite normal then the baby keeps changing the position
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Question: My baby is in breech position in 37th week . Before this it was in chefallic position. Is it possible for baby to come back in right position .
Answer: Hi there is very rare chances of ur baby to move in cephalic position now . U should monitor ur baby movement. And do consult the doctor as u may have to undergo c sec for healthy delivery. Breech is not a good position for Normal delivery and can give u problem
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