29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi..i am getting many dark coloured marks on my face..complexion looks dark and face is dull..pls help with some remedies..

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Answer: Hello dear To improve ur skin complexion in pregnancy, u can try following remedies: 1. Wash ur face daily atleast 3 to 4 times to remove access oil from skin 2. Take rest and proper sleep as much as possible 3. Drink plenty of water 4. Have a healthy diet 5. Do exercise such as yoga
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Question: Hi..i am 4 months pregnant..i am getting alot of freckles on my face (chaaiyan), please suggest some remedies..m worried coz face appears dull with spots..pls help.
Answer: Hi dear, Yes ,dark spots on part of body and face is a symptom of pigmentation.this usually happens in pregnancy and the hormones are to be blamed. Do not worry they go off post delivery.pigmentation on face needs to be treated with cucumber face packs.you can grate cucumber and strain the juice out,mix it with multani mitti and apply twice a week. Sandalwood paste would also be beneficial. Potato juice and rubbing slice of tomato could also help in pigmentation. Yogurt with besan can be applied twice a week to the affected area.use suncreen while you step out of house.as sun rays could really harm your skin especially during pregnancy,as skin b comes too sensitive.
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Question: I am getting dull day by day.. my complexion was very fair.. but i am becoming so dull and having pimples on my face.. what should i do?
Answer: Nothing to worry. It's common in pregnancy. Good part is, you will be back to normal once you deliver the baby.
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Question: I am 9 weeks pregnant. My face complexion is getting dull and dark. Next week my in-laws coming to meet me (I am meeting first time with them) plz tell me home remedies which are actually effective on skin. I want my original face complexion, plz help me its compulsory for me to look good.
Answer: Hello, Dear dull face and pigmentation are normal during pregnancy because of high hormonal changes. But you are in a situation now. so yes, there are some home remedies that are really effective. These day care face packs are great for pregnant women. 1. Oats and plain yogurt 1tbsp yogurt1tsp OatmealHoney 3 drops optionalApply this mask on your clean face, leave it for 10 minutes, and wash with lukewarm water. 2.Aloe vera, rose water and lemon juice 1tbsp aloe vera (Patanjali)Rose water 1 tbspLemon juice 1 tbsp Mix and apply on your face, neck and hands using a brush or finger tips for 20 minutes. Take a walk. It’s time to rinse off the face pack with plain water. 3.ripe banana mashed (vitamin c)5 drops almond oil (improves skin elasticity) Mix well, apply on clean face, let it stay for about 15 minutes and then wash off with clean water. Pregnancy can also make you squeeze more oil through your pores so combinations below would work well leaving your skin soft and blemish free. Honey 1 tbsp + lemon 1 tbspTurmeric pinch + lemon 1 tbsp + curd 1 tbspRice flour + potato juiceCarrot juice 1 tbsp + honey 1 tbsp 4.Tomato, lemon or cucumber juices are a gift for oily skin faces. Mixed with milk or lemon significantly brings about a change when applied on pigmented skin. 5.Banana face pack For the Banana fruit mask mix 1 tbsp lemon juice1 tbsp honey1 ripe banana. Apply the mix on your face, neck and hands. Let it dry and wash with warm water. 6. Yogurt and lemon face pack 1 tbsp yogurt1 tbsp lemon1 tbsp besan Mix the ingredients. Apply the mixture on face. Let it dry and wash off.
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Question: I am 30 week pregnant and my face is getting dark and pimple . Pls suggest me some home remedies so I can get glow and whitening my face
Answer: Orange peel extract + besan + malai + turmeric combine them.. make paste.. massage it in circular motion.. if you get rid of pimple.. then also you can use this with lemon drops.. regularly
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