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Question: Hi, I am feeling like little back pain n feeling like periods cone but just now my periods get over before 10 days. What does that mean?

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Answer: It can be because of period pain or some other issues you have to wait and see after few more days
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Question: My home test result is negative but before this i didnt miss my periods anymonth. Now im having over lower back pain,frequent urination etc. What does mean?
Answer: Hello dear, please consult with your gynecologist and get a HCG blood test done to confirm your pregnancy... Do not rely only on symptoms dear..
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Question: hi.. i got clot like bleeding 2 days and after that feeling nausea, headache, dizziness, lower back pain mild abdominal pain, feverish.. what does that mean
Answer: Hi there, these can be the early symptoms of pregnancy. If you are missing your periods then you can check it or consult with doctor.
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Question: I am having abdominal pain just like before periods n it's 2 days i haven't got my periods.. Is there any chance that i am pregnant??
Answer: Mam kya me pregnant ho Sakti hu mera peread 26 October ko Aya tha or ham log 6 November se sex lagatar kar rahe hi
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