37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. i am currently 36 weeks pregnant. And my body temperature is increasing is this normal??

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Answer: Hello dear, There are a number of effects that a high, sustained fever can have on your pregnancy, such as birth defects, premature birth, low birth weight, and miscarriage, among others. Treatments Of Fever During Pregnancy.... If you are experiencing a fever during pregnancy, there are plenty of treatments, including drinking more water, taking prescribed medications, using a cold compress, taking a lukewarm bath, resting and dressing more appropriately. Hydration Ensure that you are getting enough water on a daily basis, as this can reduce fever symptoms. Cold Compress Applying a cold washcloth to the neck, face or head, or taking a lukewarm bath to lower overall body temperature, can quickly relieve feverish symptoms. Medication Antibiotics or other medication to treat certain infections (prescribed by your doctor) can help remedy your fever quickly. Resting If your body is feeling overworked or overwhelmed, it will be difficult to fight an infection and lower that fever. If your temperature starts to rise, get off your feet, relax, and let your body defend itself!  It is critical that you take a fever during your pregnancy seriously. Any fever that rises above 101 degrees should warrant a visit to the doctor,  I hope it helped.... take care urself....  
Answer: Other effects of increased blood flow. This extra blood flow boosts body metabolism by about 20%, creating more body heat and making pregnant women less likely to feel the cold. A pregnant woman's core body temperature will often rise to about 37.8°C, when it is normally 37°C.
Answer: Hello! Body temperature if means that it is heated, then that is normal in pregnancy. But if it means they temperature as per the thermometer, then please consult the doctor. Take care
Answer: Hello, This is especially true in the case of first pregnancies.Your fetus radiates body heat, causing you to feel hot from increased skin
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Answer: Dear consult to ur dr nd take paracetamol as ur dr suggest u .take rest ,take plenty of liquids nd water, take ginger tea ,tumeric milk too .try it if fever s more than 5 days then go 4 blood test .try it
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