2 months old baby

Question: Hi I am breastfeeding mother today I am suffering with motions any home remedies please

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Answer: Hi...if you are having loose motion...try taking pomegranate juice.. Drink whey water( boil milk...when it is boiling...add 2 drops lemon juice and it will curdle...now filter the water and drink it) Dont eat too much of masala or spicy items...since u have recently given birth...ur stomach muscles will be soft...so dont eat spicy foods...
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Question: Hi i am suffering with hypertension, any home remedies which i can take along with medicines
Answer: Do some Exercise. ...Control Sodium Intake. ...Eat Bananas. ...De-stress. Don't Smoke.
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Question: Hi,i'm 18th week pregnant.i'm suffering with loose motions from morning.how can i cure loose motions with home remedies? Please give me suggestions
Answer: Eat pomegranate with it's white portion Have a cup of coffee.. Have lite meals like curd rice.. khichdi You will feel better within two days.. Be hydrated
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Question: It is my 20th week. I am suffering from loose motions. Please advice some home remedies
Answer: Take fenugreek seeds with curd you will get rid of it . You will feel better.
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