10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi, i am about to 6 weeks of pregnancy but from 3 days i am bleeding and its like the last day of period so should i worry about this or not?

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Answer: Hi! no bleeding spotting or discharge unless in white colour is safe in pregnancy so if you are having building for the last 3 days I think you need to immediately inform this to your doctor you are doctor might be able to help you with progesterone supplements to stop the bleeding and sustain your pregnancy .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hai ths is 31 st day of last period... From the morning itself i feel like its bleeding. But it isnt ... Is it symptoms of period of pragnancy?
Answer: Hi dear so if you have started bleeding or feel like that you will bleed please give it some time to check if you get your periods then it's a normal periods for you maybe just a little delay this time and if it is period then it would keep cramping for sometime and you will have other associated symptoms like a sore breasts or you might feel dizzy or lightheaded sometime you might feel pukish so these all symptoms will be there however you can always take a pregnancy test after 6 to 7 days of missing period to confirm if you are pregnant or not. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello doctor,from last 2 days i am having period like pain below abdominal .please tell me the reason aur should i worry about this
Answer: hi it is completely normal to get period like pains during your third trimester it is nothing to worry it is due to the expansion of uterus and stretching of muscles
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Question: hi I was having severe nausea but suddenly from last 3 days I am not feeling so.... is everything ok or should I worry?
Answer: Yes dear it is ok. It is not necessary that the nausea should be there always dear.
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