4 months old baby

Question: Hi i am a working women how to manage leaking breast during my working time in office i will have even night shifts also plz help me .

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Answer: Hi dear you can carry breast pump with you so that you can express some milk and use breast pads too ,which are available in market,before the nigth shift give feed too baby and start, or during break hours go in wash rooms and express milk with hands and take it out .so some relief you will find, apart from these no other options are there dear. Take care
Answer: Hi breast pads are helpful..you can get it online ..stick it to the bracier and it absorbs the leakage..And if you do have excess milk you can pump and store it for ur baby so that while you are at work your baby will get ur milk.
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Answer: Working night shifts won't affect the baby provided you eat properly, and don't overstrain yourself
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Question: Hello...i am a working women my baby breastfeeds in night only. How to stop breast feeding
Answer: Hello dear To stop breastfeeding, Make sure your baby gets plenty to eat throughout the day,Offer extra feedings in the evening and Have your partner comfort your baby when she cries at night. It is a slow going process so u can start the weaning process as soon as possible.
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Question: Hi i am a working women My baby is 4 months old now when she starts with 6 months i should join in duty i will have shift dutys including night shifts please tell me how to manage my baby for milk.plz help me
Answer: Hello dear, for a working mother breast pump is a wise investment...buy it... as you can express your milk amd store it in the fridge for your baby to drink as required...
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