26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi ... I am a working in a IT company .... Which time is best to take a leave from office?

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Answer: Hello dear As long as u are having no medical complications. If u are enjoying healthy pregnancy then u can continue ur job till 9 month. It will not affect ur baby but more walking and more movement in pregnancy leads to healthy baby. More movement in pregnancy also will help u to have safe and normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear, when I was pregnant I worked till mid of 8th month and then took maternity leave so if your office is not too far and doesn't demand long travel and also it's not too stressful then you can also work till that time. All the best
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Question: My baby is refusing to take my breastmilk from few days and when I offer him he bites and leave
Answer: Your child is already more than a year if baby is not taking feed that's fine , introduce full cream animal milk and if you wish to give your baby BF then express the milk and mix with your baby foods but don't force for breastfeeding. If baby is doing self weaning after 1 year of age that is fine otherwise it would be difficult for you in future to stop breastfeeding. Sometimes changes in mothers food habit or hormonal level mein leads to changes in taste in mother's milk. If baby is eating other food properly and also taking milk in bottle then don't worry About it.
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Question: Hi I am feeling a little pain in lower abdomen , is it something to worry about?
Answer: During early pregnancy inside your body so many of hormonal changes are going on . that is why you are feeling stomach pain and lower back pain at this time you should take more rest you will feel better .this is normal.
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Question: Is it good to take coffe 1 time in a day if Bp low ???
Answer: Not at all dear don't take coffee as far as possible during pregnancy as it is act as a toxin for baby. Include little extra salt in your diet , sit cross-linked, & maintain healthy diet and its ok if your BP is low don't worry about it.
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