6 months old baby

Question: Hi , i am a working and i have to leave my baby and come to office and my baby is not taking milk .pls suggest how can i solv this problem

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Answer: Try these tips for a smooth transition: Offer him a bottle in the evening after his regular feeding to get him used to the nipple. Start with a small amount of breast milk – about half an ounce. Try a slow-flow nipple. ... Let someone else feed him the first bottle. ... Try to be out of the house. Hope this helps.
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Question: Hi ... I am a working in a IT company .... Which time is best to take a leave from office?
Answer: Hello dear As long as u are having no medical complications. If u are enjoying healthy pregnancy then u can continue ur job till 9 month. It will not affect ur baby but more walking and more movement in pregnancy leads to healthy baby. More movement in pregnancy also will help u to have safe and normal delivery
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Question: My EDD is 12 Aug. I am working at office. Pls suggest from when I should apply for maternity leave.
Answer: Hello dear, it is best to apply maternity leave post 37 weeks of pregnancy... As labour pain may start anytime after you finish your full term pregnancy which is at 37 weeks.. moreover you can rest for a few weeks before the baby arrives... because once the baby is here it will take a while for you to adjust into motherhood.. so take it once you complete 37 weeks of pregnancy...
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Question: Hi..my baby is 3 and half month old..she is not taking milk in bottle..how i can teach her to take milk from bottle because i need to join my office now .pls suggest
Answer: Hello! Please ask someone from the family to do it. Breast fed babies take time to accept bottle. So you need to give time. Also you can ask the caretaker to offer milk and you stay away. Try this for a couple of days, slowly the baby will start having milk. Take care
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