10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I am 9th week pregnant. My stomach is too big. Showing lime 5 months pregnant. Kindy suggest me to reduce my fat tummy.

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Answer: Hello! It is not possible to reduce the tummy fat now. Concentrate more on healthy and balanced diet, then you will not put on unnecessary weight . Tummy fat can be reduced once you deliver the baby. Take care
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Question: I had a cesarean delivery 3 months back...my stomach looks big as if i am five months pregnant.. How to reduce it and what exercise is good to reduce my tummy. Pls suggest
Answer: Drink warm water with lemon juice n honey first thing in the mrg Have meals at regular intervals of time. Do not sleep immediately after meals. U can do cardio exercises, suryanamaskars, leg rotations, roll over, cycling, lounges etc
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Question: Am 5 weeks pregnant and my stomach showing some big like am 4 months pregnant
Answer: Hii There are plenty of reasons why you appear to carrying a small or large baby – here are 7 of them:- 1) it depends on ur height. If you’re tall and have a long abdomen, your baby has a lot of growing space. Your uterus will tend to grow upwards rather than push outwards.and in the case of shorter height mom to be case will be vice versa.  2) if u r first time mom to be tends to have a more compact bump because the large abdominal muscles haven’t been stretched before. They are usually toned and tight, holding the baby snug and high. This can make you look smaller than you might expect at a given point in your pregnancy. 3) baby movement also rules the shape of ur stomach.soeciwlly in the last trimester baby prefer heads down position. May be some time in different day time ur size will.vary due to baby movement.  4)When you’re housing a baby, placenta, cord and fluid, your internal organs have to fit somewhere. As the uterus grows, the intestines can be pushed behind it, making your belly look very round and ‘all baby’. Or your intestines might move to the sides of your uterus, making your belly appear big and ‘to the sides’.  5) Pregnancy stretches the abdominal muscles so that the growing baby can be accommodated. These muscles stay flexible after the birth and don’t regain their previous tone. During your next pregnancy, you might notice your bump showing much earlier and looking bigger. This doesn’t mean your baby is larger – your body has been altered by your previous pregnancy.  6) The amount of fluid surrounding your baby can fluctuate. While too much or not enough amniotic fluid can point to problems, it’s common for the levels to change every hour or so. In the first 20 weeks, most of the amniotic fluid is produced from your own body fluids. In later pregnancy, your baby is producing the larger amount of amniotic fluid, mainly from lung secretions and urine output. So, depending on how pregnant you are, if you or your baby are producing plenty of fluid, your belly might alter in shape or size.  7) Okay, so it’s a bit obvious but you might actually be having a big or small baby. Genetics play an important part in the baby’s size. If both parents are tall, then the baby will probably have the same traits. If both are average size, the baby is more likely to be petite and not very long. Babies tend to be in the same weight range as their parents, too. 
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Question: Hi, 3 months up after my delivery. It was clear section. Still my stomach is big in size. Can suggest to reduce my tummy fat?
Answer: One table spoon ginger juice, 1 table spoon honey Bolied water with 2 table spoon jeera add all in a glass have it everyday before 1hour from breakfast and dinner. Your body shape will be perfect in next 6-7 months
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