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Question: Hi. I am 9 weels pregnant. I had a bowl of pressure cooker boiled sprouted moong salad today. Is it ok to eat it

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Answer: Yes it is ok eat it, u can take salad nd sprout on daily basis also
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Question: Hi ,i had pcos now i am 9 weeks pregnant doctor advised me to take progestron 500m for every 15 days .is it ok to take it,what else are the precautions that i have to take
Answer: Am not a doctor after taking your supplements.. include progesterone rich foods in your diet.. there is no problem of your intake of supplemnts it's to grow the baby that your doctor recommends for it.. don't eat alot eat in a limt
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Question: Hi ..I am pregnant of 9 weeks I have headache is it normal??
Answer: it can happen sometime I just make sure to stay well hydrated also get a good head massage with lukewarm mustard oil and try to get a proper sleep
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Question: I had a raw moong dal sprouts , is it safe or i need to consult a doctor??
Answer: Avoid having raw food.. You can consume, after cooking it
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