8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 7weak pregnant and I am suffering from thyroid level 5.98 and taking 37.5mg throxine tablet.so it is good for me?

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Answer: If your doctor has suggested than yes... And it's very important, keep taking the medicines
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Question: Now i am 23 week pregnant. If i am not taking calcium and iron tablets. Any thing it will happen
Answer: Hi dear both are safe and best during pregnancy.iron and calcium are given during pregnancy to provide for the needs of the growing baby.iron is used to produce hemoglobin and it also increases immunity of body.taking enough calcium helps keep your teeth and bones healthy, and helps your baby develop strong teeth and bones.drink plenty of fluids. If both are not sufficient in the body it may lead to anemia or bone problems in mothers.take care
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Question: Hi madam ami. 13 weeks pregnant... I am suffering from severe body heat... This is not controlling at all.. I am taking liquids like majjiga lemon juice water... Shall I apply gorintaku for reducing body heat.. Is that advisable now
Answer: Yes dear, mehendi will not cause any harm to you and baby.Sweating Hi dear, not to worry.during pregnancy it is common due to hormonal changes and blood flow increases causing the body temperature to rise, so the body heats more.drink plenty of fluids like coconut water, butter milk, juices daily.avoid lifting heavy weights.can take extra added salt also.have small and frequent meals, avoid sudden position changes, take more diary products.
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Question: Hi m suffering from hypothyroidism n dr told me check my thyroid every month...this month my thyroid (TSH) is 7 n it should be in between 0.27-5.1..im bit worried.is it safe for my baby???
Answer: Dear, you are suffering from high TSH level which was adverse effect on baby's growth and development.. you need to take proper use of medicine to keep thyroid level in range. Avoid cauliflower cabbage spinach broccoli in regular diet. Hope it helps.
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