27 weeks pregnant mother

Hi, i am 6 months pregnant woman and today i wanna know about breast milk after delivery, i heard that milk flow is less, problem in breast milk very thick etc . So my questions is what are the remedies that we can be effective on breast milk.

Its just a myth...dnt hear others words...your body will always produce enough milk to ur baby's need...when ur baby born there ll b enough milk for ur baby automatically ur breastmilk will get mature when baby grows.. Just u have to do is feed ur baby often that is betwn 2 hrs..when ur baby sucks ur breastmilk will segregate..
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Question: I heard that after delivery we should not strain our eyes, that we should avoid reading, using mobile etc.. is that correct? If yes , why is it so?
Answer: Hi. . Its because your body had gone through a lot of stress and nutritional loss because of which your body is not able to take much of stress now and is week. Your eyes and become week soon , as your immunity is low you can become sick also. So you need to take lot of care of your self now.
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Question: My milk flow from breast is less so what I do
Answer: You can take shatavari tablets of himalya and have bhuna jeera in your bowl of vegetable and you can also have lacto granules supplement in milk.....
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Question: How are we supposed to know that our baby is drinking enogh breast milk ?
Answer: By the number of napkins changed. A well fed baby will require frequent changing of wet napkins between 12-20 nos per day n if u r using diapers then u may need to change every 2-3 hrs. U can also check on the head of the baby if the anterior fontanelle which is present on top of the head is sunken or not. If the fontanelle is not sunken then the baby is well fed.
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