6 weeks pregnant mother

Hi i am 5weeks pregnant having heavy cold what i will do and shall i go to doctor to confirm my pregnancy?

Hi dear, Congratulations ! You can go at 6 th week for transvaginal scan to check the gestational sac,and place of implantation.it is optional though,but it helps detecting ectopic pregnancy at early stage.next important and first ultrasound scan is viability scan ,where you check the heartbeat of baby.you can visit doctor to start the prenatal vitamins. Viral infections are quite normal during pregnancy. As the body's immune system dips to support the baby,mothers do catch cold quite often .try to stay warm.keep sipping warm water through out the day. Steaming helps to clearing nasal congestion. Boil tulsi leaves,with crushed pepper,ajwain and grated ginger.keep sipping this for relief.eucalyptus oil inhaling could give relief too.also keep checking the heaolfy app for pregnancy tips and care.healofy homepage has enormous info on related aspects.donot miss out.
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    Bindhu Sudha39 days ago

    Thank u for ur respons i think this is helpful..

Hllo dear if ur period has missed u can do pregnancy test by ur own by the help of pregna news .if its positive then consult to yr gyno .cold cough s common in this season due to weather change. try these remedies .Take adrak tulsi peeper kara twice a day.. Take Ginger tea.Take Green tea..Take warm milk wit turmeric before bed time.. Take Ginger juice wit honey.. Take Vit C it helps in cold nd cough.Avoid cold things such as ice. cream cold drink curd . if ur nose s block then take steam add ajwain also.. u can try honey wit lemon lemon s source of vit c which s helpful in cold cough nd sneezing try it.if u don't feel relief consult to ur gyno
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Question: Hi i had heavy cold my doctor prescribed me MEDLER tab for 2days..shall i take that tablet..i am 5weeks pregnant..
Answer: Hi Dear! If the cold and cough is heavy no home remedies hv worked and u r suffering you hv done right to show to a Dr. and i wud say uf the Dr. is suggesting you can hv the medicine.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello mam i m 13weeks nw... Its my second pregnancy... I m having heavy cold and severe throat pain... What shall i do to get rid of
Answer: Hello dear,  Shore throat can be very painful. You should try this before taking any medicine. Honey, fruit based sarbat, pomegranate juice, Banana and chicken soup may help a sore throat as it is effective at healing wounds and fighting infection. Turmeric and ginger Used as a tea or in milk-based herbal blends. This spice is thought to have healing, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties...Well-cooked vegetables: Carrots, cabbage, potatoes, and other vegetables can be helpful for people with sore throats, as long as they are cooked until they are tender... Scrambled eggs: Eggs are a good source of protein. When scrambled, they are usually soft enough for an inflamed throat to tolerate. Crunchy, hard, sour, salty foods to be avoided. Drinking lots of water, garlic, avoided hot fruits and drinks and use humidifier will help you. When to see a doctor... Sore throats typically go away after a few days. If a person has a sore throat that lasts for 6 days or more, especially if it is accompanied by a fever, they are advised to see a doctor. Hope it helped ,Take care urself....  
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Question: I am having heavy cold little fiver, should I go to doctor or I can take any medicine
Answer: Hello dear Dont panic if u have fever and cold in pregnancy. But u have to take proper medication as it can affect ur baby too. It can be cought by cold or cough. Following remedies u can try to get relief from fever: 1. Add one teaspoon of tulsi (basil) leaves to a cup of hot water and steep for five minutes. Drink it thrice or four times a day 2. Add one teaspoon of mustard seeds to a cup of hot water and steep for five minutes and then drink. If fever does not go with above remedies then better u can consult ur doctor
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