7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I am 5 week pregnant doctor suggested me to take dupasthon tablets for 10 days.Two tablets per day .Is it safe for me and my baby

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Answer: Yes it is completely safe.Duphaston is a progesterone tablet. Good level of progesterone is needed in early days of pregnancy for healthy development and avoiding chances of miscarriage
Answer: Yes it is completely safe. I m taking thrice a day
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Question: I am 15 weeks pregnant .Doctor suggested me to take progesterone susten SR 300 tablets .is it safe to take those tablets in 15 th week????
Answer: Yes its absolutely safe to take progestrone, infact its the main hormone that will support your pregnancy. Speak to your doc about the dosage and when to take , because sometimes its given in the firm of injection ... weekly . It can ve continued till week 30
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Question: I am 5 weeks pregnant and my doc has suggested me to take duphaston 10mg 2 times and dubagest sr 300. Is it safe to take both tablets
Answer: hi mam yes you can take both tablets in this tablets for health to increase the hormone level so you don't get any kind of bleeding or spotting during pregnancy this is to take care of your baby so don't avoid taking this medicines please continue it carefully
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Question: Hi, Previously last year I had miscarriage in 6th week. Again I am pregnant and doctor suggested me to take duphaston-10 mg. Is it safe please suggest
Answer: Yes my doctor also suggest me to take duphaston in second month this is progesterone its totally safe i had also taken
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