8 weeks pregnant mother

Hi I am 37 years old 7 weeks pregnant blood pressure 130/90 and obese. How much danger zone i am in?

Hi Dear! First of all i wud suggest to stop stressing abt it because it will affect ur overall health.. You need to be stress free completely and try meditating. Reduce salt in food, no junk, sweets, fast food.. Be stress free and completely at peace. Sometimes bp can be Anxiety related. I have had high bp because of being worried whether the baby was ok etc . Go by doc instructions as its important to follow what the doc says.. Good luck!
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Question: I am 23 weeks pregnant My blood pressure level is 130/90 is it risky
Answer: Hello! It is high but its not that much high that cannot be controlled.  (1) Don't take tension... You must have some tension about which you are thinking most of the time and destroying your health so first off all stop taking tension because this will not be the reason to sought out any problem. (2) Perform meditation every day it will help in keeping you cool. And will them help keeping your blood pressure normal. (3) Exercise regularly as it will definitely help in keeping the bloos pressure under control. (4) As far as possible keep yourself away from hypertension medicines because if once you get used to it then definitely you will get addicted to it which in turn will affect your health. (5) For diet take 3 bananas every day it will help you in reducing bp. And take a glass of lemon juice every day. And don't eat spicy meal and lessen your salt intake in the meal. Hope it will help you and All the best for your healthy life.
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Question: Im 36 weeks pregnant, my blood pressure is 130/90, how to control it?
Answer: Hii Check with your salt when cooking. Use herbs and spices instead. Avoid junk foods which are high in sodium even if they  don’t taste salty. Follow breathing exercise. Deep relaxation techniques lowers stress levels Enjoy walking. Lowers risk of hypertension too.  Increase Potassium intake. Get some foods like banana, beans, peas, raisins etc., Eat Magnesium-Rich Foods Eat A diet low in magnesium may lead to high blood pressure .Listen to calming music,Have plenty of water.,Say no to caffeinated drink, Perform yoga and meditation. 
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Question: I'm 37 week pregnant. And my blood pressure is 130/90 or 125/90 how can reduce is it safe for my labor?
Answer: Hi dear, High blood pressure during pregnancy isn’t always dangerous. But it can sometimes cause severe health complications for both mother and developing baby.high bp is common,it could be due to obesity too.gestational hypertension or high BP starts post 20th week,and usually resolves post delivery.normal pressure should be anywhere close to 120/80 mm Hg.keep monitoring your BP everyday at the same time. Certain tips that you can follow to manage it: 1- lower intake of salt/sodium in diet 2-take your prenatal vitamins regularly 3- if no medication is prescribed,take it regularly 4- avoid caffeine 5- stay physically active Uncontrolled high BP could lead to serious health complications like preterm labor ,placental abruption,birth defects, breathing issues in labor.
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