34 weeks pregnant mother

Hi, I am 35 weeks pregnant and I frequently pass urine and nowadays I am passing yellow colour urine. However my intake is quite frequent. Is it normal. There is no itiching or pain while passing urine. Its just the color of the urine is yellow.

During pregnancy time frequently passing urine is normal.....because our enlargerd uterus will push the urinary bladder ......so we feel passing urine frequently..
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Question: my 28days baby potty is mustard yellow with lite red color at starting and there after full yellow color is its ok.....i am using fm...no bm...
Answer: Hello! Mustard yellow is absolutely fine but light red colour doesn't seem too be fine. Please consult the doctor once for this
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Question: Hello any one there. when pass out urine its colour is mostly greenish yellow ... what is the reason behind it???? Is there any prob or any issue?
Answer: Ho,it looks like you have infection b,better you consult byour Dr and do a urine routine test Also as during pregnancy this is very commin to get vaginal fungal infection and due to which you may be getting such coloured urine You should maintain a very good hygeine You should wash that area 5-6 times a day You should use mild soap twice a day You should wear only cotton ugs Avoid denims and tights Keep yourself well hyderated,have good intake of water and soups and juices and ice chips throughout the day This will help you in free fliw if urine and will also help in urinary tract infection if any
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Question: Baby is putting pressure while urinating. And the urine looks yellow in color. Any problem?
Answer: hi you should be vigilant and watch out for the signs of an infection or underlying condition. You should check the following aspects: Check the color of the urine passed by the kid. If it has unusually dark color, there can be an infection. If the urine has a strong smell, that may also hint at UTI. Check if the baby has developed diaper rash. The urine may be normal, but when it touches the inflamed areas on buttocks and genitals, that may cause skin itching, making the kid cry. Check if the baby is getting afflicted by fever, fatigue or irritability. If the baby is indeed afflicted with a urinary tract infection, the pediatrician may offer antibiotics. The dosage and duration may vary and after completing the course, the pediatrician may check the quality of urine and the infant as well. You should practice these measures to evade contracting infection in the baby’s urinary tract: Ensure the baby is wiped properly, more so around the genitals after urinating or passing stool. Wiping should be done with sterilized and clean clothes. Do not use unclean or unwashed clothes for wiping the infant. Ensure that the diaper is cleaned and replaced at regular interval. Contaminated diapers can be the cause behind the infection. If your baby is not comfortable wearing a diaper or it is leading to skin rash, replace it with another type. Ensure the garments worn by the infant are cleaned and washed with disinfectant solutions.
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